Kengo Akechi

明智 健悟

An extremely intelligent, elite-level police detective (superintendent), who is Kenmochi's supervisor. First appearing in "Death TV," he is presented as an arrogant and snobbish character that becomes a rival to Kinda'ichi in crime-solving. However, Akechi (indeliberately) not only helped Kinda'ichi solve the case, but also aided him out of trouble. His relationship to Kinda'ichi is abraisive at the least, but they have an unspoken mutual respect for each other's abilities. He often compares the crimes in Japan to his experience in Los Angeles. He is proficient in English and French. In "The Magical Express," it's revealed that he met Reiko Chikamiya before her death, and this eventually helps Kinda'ichi solve the case. In "Murder at Hell's School," (disguised as a math teacher) he claimed that he had actually been a teacher in a very famous prep-school for three years. His name may be a reference to the classic Japanese detective Kogoro Akechi created by Edogawa Rampo. (Source: Wikipedia)