Kenji Yamaguchi

山口 賢二

Also Known As:

  • Yamaken

Birthday: May 9 Zodiac sign: Taurus Height: 177 cm Affliation: Kamei High School One of Kenji's obvious characteristics is his pride. When he was lost in Syoyo High School and also, when he couldn't find the right sector in the library, he did not ask anybody for help; as he is seen telling Shizuku "I don't like asking other people for help". It also seems that he is somewhat afraid of Yuzan, Haru's older brother. But Kenji denies it, saying he only had a traumatic experience, and that nothing scares him. On that note, Shizuku comments that his pride will be his undoing one day. Although he intially uses him, Kenji is one of Haru's friends. Kenji used to go to the same school as Haru when they were younger. He attends the same cram school as Shizuku and he falls in love with her, later trying to win her affection. After being rejected by Shizuku, he distances himself from her despite his unchanged feeling. (Source: Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun Wikia)