Kenzou Masuyama

枡山 憲三

Also Known As:

  • Pisco

Pisco is an executive Black Organization member who is killed by Gin because he was photographed while in the act of murdering a politician. He is a loyal member who would have told Gin that Sherry had turned into a child and was now living as Ai Haibara if he hadn't been killed by Gin first. Not much is known about this elderly and high ranking member of the organization, though we do know that he is very rich and finances the Black Organization's operations. He was a car company chairman. He was tasked with and succeeded in murdering the politician Shigehiko Nomiguchi and making it look like an accident by shooting a chandelier in the dark and crushing him. Despite Vermouth's help, Conan uncovered him as the murderer. His house was burnt down after he was killed by Gin.