Also Known As:

  • Keroro Gunsou

Birthday: December 9 Keroro is the main protagonist of the series. Keroro is the sergeant and leader of the Keroro Platoon. His self-introduction at this time is The Gamma Planetary System, the 58th Planet, Space Invasion Army Special Tactics Platoon Leader, Sergeant Keroro. Keroro lurked in the Hinata household until he was discovered by Natsumi and Fuyuki, after which he was captured. With the Kero Ball, his weapon, taken from him and his army having abandoned him, Keroro easily surrendered. The freeloader (formerly a prisoner of war) becomes troublesome for the Hinata Family. Each time he is found guilty of something, Natsumi physically abuses him to no end. But now, through being the housekeeper of the Hinata household, Keroro has become familiar to living an adventurous life on Earth. His favorite dishes include fried potatoes, dango, carambolas, and caviar. He also likes making Gunpla and reading manga. (Source: Wikipedia)