Kikuno Asahina

浅雛 菊乃

Also Known As:

  • Daisy

Birthday: February 15th, 1993 Height: 163cm Weight: 47kg Blood type: O Hair: Black School: Kaimei High School Likes: Stuffed animals from Marronnier Mania Dislikes: Otaku Occupation: Marronnier Mania employee (part-time) Affiliation: Student Council Manga Debut: Chapter 23 Anime Debut: Episode 3 Kikuno Asahina is the secretary of Kaimei High School's Student Council. Asahina has black hair that reaches to mid-back when loose and is usually worn up in a high ponytail. Though she is always seen wearing glasses, at one point she loans them to Michiru and appears to have no trouble seeing without them. She tends to have intimidating facial expressions, even when sad, embarrassed, etc. Daisy, as described by Switch, is generally a girl who is the embodiment of cool and calm. She retains her intimidating atmosphere no matter what emotions she states she feels. Often, when upset, she grabs a plush toy and repeatedly rubs and mutters into it. She also seems to favor collecting said stuffed toys. She does not like asking for help and this causes some unwanted trouble. It is somewhat cured, however, because now she occasionally asks Tsubaki for help. She blames herself and does not like it when people get hurt. She has an unusual habit of destroying or damaging anything that 'irritates' her, often causing the rest of the Students Council members to restrain her from doing so. She often pokes people's eyes when she is angry, irritated, or embarrassed During the Kaimei Rock Festival, she plays bass guitar in the Student Council Band. Her nickname "Daisy" comes from combining the second kanji of her surname with the first kanji of her first name. When put together, they form 雛� (Hinagiku), which means daisy. Shinohara states that she has 5 pairs of glasses, each with a different color frame. Though the frames are red in the anime, Shinohara has never declared an official color for them.