Gender: Male Age: Early to Mid 30's Flame: Cloud Title: Milefiore Cloud Guardian, Leader of Six Funeral Wreaths Kikyo posesess the Cloud Mare Ring and is the leader of the Six Funeral Wreaths. With the other Funeral Wreaths, Kikyo reigned over other parallel universes, however in this universe they instead faced great misfortunes. However Byakuran found them and because of their resolution to him, showed them how to become stronger. As a result Kikyo is very loyal to Byakuran following his every wish and if not given orders he will guess what Byakuran would have him do. He appears much calmer than his collegues, spending much of his time restraining them. When fighting Kikyo will happily resort to underhand means in order to win his battles, often co-ordinating his fellow Wreaths to best suit the situation.