King Bradley


Also Known As:

  • His Excellency
  • President Führer King Bradley

King Bradley is the Führer of the Amestris state military and has all state alchemist under his direct command. King Bradley almost always maintains a kind and calm demeanor even when issuing orders to engage in battle. This trait often confuses his subordinates, and Roy Mustang admits that he "can't figure the guy out." King Bradley has a son, Selim, and an unnamed wife. He has the Homunculus ability, "The Ultimate Eye", which allows him to see the outcome of any situation before it happens and act accordingly. His Ultimate Eye can even see transmutations in action and disrupt them with his saber. Perhaps, even more dangerous than his ultimate eyes is his inhumane swordsmanship capable of defeating tanks, tons of soldiers, Greed, Scar, Ling, Isaac, Bucaneer, Fu and basically every character that face him in battle. Despite this, he states that his age has rusted his agility and power, so his true powers when he was young far surpass the unimaginalble. In the 2003 anime series; The Führer maintains his role as the president of the country. Although he is a carefree man, he has a mind like a steel trap and his personality can change rapidly. It was he who finished the Ishval Civil War by sending in the State Alchemists to end it. Bradley is revealed to be the Homunculus Pride. He was created by Dante as the fourth Homunculus in existence. He was made the president of the country by Dante to keep an eye on things. Despite his power, it is never known why he did not rebel against Dante and take charge of things, but it is possible his loyalty had something to do with it. Bradley made Edward Elric the Fullmetal Alchemist, and in secret made Sloth his secretary, under the guise of Juliet Douglas. In the manga and 2009 anime series; He has a slightly strange sense of humor and has a habit of doing rather odd things for someone of his status. Such things as joking with his subordinates, dressing-up as a tourist while visiting Dublith to meet Izumi Curtis, giving watermelons as gifts to Edward Elric, ditching work to meet the brothers in the hospital, and jumping out of a window to get away from his attendants. Different from the first series, Bradley is the Homunculus Wrath. He was originally one candidate amongst hundreds in a secret program created by Father and the Amestrian military to find the perfect ruler of Amestris. The process involved training already physically fit young men to their peak, then injecting a Philosopher's Stone from Father's body into their candidate. He was the first to survive the process, becoming the first Homunculus with the ability to age and was given the name King Bradley. Unlike other Homunculi, he is unable to regenerate and heal himself. He quickly rose to the position of Führer through his battle prowess and apparent dedication to the military ideals of Amestris. He is also scornful of the idea of fealty or sacrificing ones life for others believing only that the strong should survive and that the loss of one life can only be balanced by the loss of another. (Source: Wikia)