Kinichi Tooyama

遠山 金一

Also Known As:

  • Kana

Kinichi Tohyama (Kana) is the older brother of Kinji. Like Kinji, he possess the ability to utilize Hysteria Savant Syndrome. However, unlike Kinji, he is able to enter HSS at will by crossdressing as a beautiful woman named Kana. He is also able to activate Hysteria Mode through the traditional method of sexual arousal.

While crossdressing as Kana to enter Hysteria Mode, he stops perceiving himself as a man, and does not answer when Kinji addresses him as his brother. Also, when he crossdresses, he does not have the restriction of not hurting women that is usually placed on people in Hysteria Mode, and is able to hurt them.

(Source: Hidan no Aria Wiki)