Kinon Bachika


Kinon Bachika is the second oldest of Kittan's younger sisters. After Team Dai-Gurren's capture of Dai-Gunzan, she takes up a position within its control tower, monitoring the radar. She seems to be the calmest and smartest member of the Black Siblings. After the time-skip, she becomes one of Rossiu's main supporters. After Simon offered himself to protect the city using Gurren Lagann, even after being sentenced to death, Kinon volunteered to pilot Gurren and rig herself with bombs inside its cockpit, claiming that she would detonate them, killing her and Simon in the process, in case of him making an attempt to escape. Later, it is revealed that Kinon's resolve to follow Rossiu, despite betraying Simon and ordering his execution, was not only the fruit of her devotion to him, but because she thought it greatly pained Rossiu to do so. She strongly believes that he was not doing it for personal gain, but because the circumstances had forced him to it, though if such was really the case is the subject of debate. (Source: Wikipedia)