Kippei Tachibana

橘 桔平

Fudoumine 3rd Year Birthday: August 15 Zodiac: Leo Height: 179cm Weight: 67kg Blood Type: O Dominant Hand: Right Play Style: All-rounder Shoes: NIKE (AIR ZOOM BEYOND) Racket: TOALSON (SYSTEM-PEO03) Special Move: ? Favorite food: Tea Hobby: cooking (Note: Extraordinary skills) Family: Great grandmother, Grandmother, Parents, Younger sister Father's occupation: Office worker (Garment) Favorite subjects: Design, English Favorite color: blue Preferred type: Someone healthy Tachibana Kippei is Fudomine's charismatic captain and coach. He was the one who rebuilt the tennis team together with the younger players. During the later part of the series, it was discovered that he is "the legendary" Tachibana Kippei who was considered one of the most strongest players in Kyuushuu region.