Mr. Kipper was a journalist from the Hamburg Talk. He was reporting on the homicide of a middle-aged woman in Hamburg, Germany, and Inspector Lunge falsely disclosed to him that he supposed Dr. Kenzo Tenma, the chief suspect in the broader Middle-Aged Couple Murders, was involved. However, when Kipper realized the lead may have been false as suspicion for the crime fell on the woman's nephew, he angrily approached Lunge for giving him misinformation, saying that the paper would have to print a retraction, but Lunge insisted that he keep the story in spite of its falsehood, blackmailing him with information he learned about an extramarital affair Kipper was having and informing him that he'd hate to have to tell his wife. Kipper, though furious with Lunge, agreed to maintain the story's legitimacy, as a ploy for Lunge to trap Dr. Tenma when he inevitably came to investigate the murder after seeing it printed in the newspaper. (Source: Monster Wiki)