Kirihime Natsuno

夏野 霧姫

Also Known As:

  • Akiyama Shinobu

Kazuhito's favorite novelist, who is actually really sadistic. Her pen name is "Akiyama Shinobu." She is 20 years old, a best-selling novelist; she lives alone in her studio type apartment, loves contact sports, is always wearing black and is really bad at being kind to animals and people. She always carries scissors (which she named "HasaJiro") with her that she uses either for self-defense or to make people see her point. But most of the time she uses it to punish Kazuhito when he says something she doesn't like or when she feels like it. For some reason, she is able to read Kazuhito's mind, much to his annoyance, because he isn't able to keep any secrets from her, including his sexual fantasies. She's pretty much insecure about her small breast size. It is also hinted that she likes Kazuhito.