The third member of the Beet Warriors and an old friend of Beet.He can be a romantic at times and fell in love with Poala as soon as he saw her. He is also a very weak person and is a coward at times. In his first team, they fought Baron and soon began to lose. His other teammates told Kissu to distract Baron while they moved in. They actually used him as bait so that they could run away. Baron made short work of them but let Kissu.This caused him to believe that humans were nothing but trash and Vandels were truly honorable. He later worked for Grineed dechipering ruins that helped Grineed create monsters from rocks and dirt. He is a master of the divine attack and often use the first class divine attack "Frozen Wave of Divine Blue". While working for Grineed he had a bracelet that would inject poison needles into his arm if he used divine attacks. This almost killed him until Beet cut the bracelet off with the Excellion Blade and removed the poison with the Crown Shield. He is also one of Milfa's various crushes.