Kiyoshi Date

伊達 聖士

Also Known As:

  • Dante
  • Datenshi

Date (伊�), more commonly known as Dante (ダンテ) is a Kaimei student who is a huge fan of the visual kei subculture. He is the vocalist for the visual kei band JardiN. Dante has purple and black hair worn in a somewhat spiked style, which falls over one of his eyes. He uses both lipstick and nail polish and can often be seen wearing scarves, jewelry and belt accouterments. He is a relatively an average height and average built person, similar to Bossun's body structure. Despite his strong onstage presence, Dante is very shy and gets embarrassed easily. He has trouble adequately expressing himself and is frequently misunderstood as a result. This is primarily due to the fact that he tends to speak in short, abstract phrases which must be interpreted by the listener. Additionally, though he has a gothic image, he enjoys sh�nen manga - Naruto in particular. Manga Debut: Chapter 36 (Confounded Angels) Anime Debut: Episode 15 (Confounded Angels) (source:



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