Kiyoshi Taira

平 清

Name: Kiyoshi Taira Age: 51 Height: 164 cm Players Data: No. 4 Blood Type: A Works: Real estate agent Home: Osaka Bim Type: Homing type Kiyoshi is first Ryouta's teamate and the first adult who he manages to get along with. He hates feeling alone and seems to be a pacifist the first time they meet each other. Because he saw an illusion of his family during his fight to escape from the island, Kiyoshi decides to betray Ryouta and Himiko in order to take their radar to escape. He decides to kill himself for all bad things he has done to Ryota and Himiko and because he was no match to handle a Komodor's groups. It was hinted that he was put up for nomination by his employees because of him mistreating them. (Source: Otaku-streamers)