Kiyotaka Ishimaru

石丸 清多夏

Also Known As:

  • Taka

Height: 176 cm
Weight: 66 kg
Chest: 79 cm
Specialty: Super High School-Level Hall Monitor

Befitting of a Super High School-Level Hall Monitor, Ishimaru is righteous and values order above all else. He is also a hard worker, believing that one can achieve anything through hard work. In fact, he earned his title by the same means too. Due to his extreme dedication to studying and proper conduct, he has difficulties in making friends and could not even hold a "normal" conversation with another person. Ishimaru is very expressive and intense in his manner of speech.

He befriends Oowada after the first trial through a competition to see who was stronger. Their close bond the next day freaks everyone out. After Oowada's death, he becomes mute until he is introduced to Alter-Ego. After Alter-Ego's Oowada form had a chat with Ishimaru, Ishimaru "absorbed" Oowada's soul and became Ishida.
He is later murdered by Hifumi, who was tricked by Celes. This was because Celes had informed him that Ishimaru had stolen Alter-Ego and had done indecent things to "her."



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