Kizna Towryk


Age: 15 Blood Type: OX Height: 154 cm Weight: ? kg A Repairer Candidate. Her partner is Zero Enna. She can be just as earnest and competitive as her partner and sometimes speaks roughly, but she is very feminine in some ways. With her straightforward character, she has won the friendship of all her peers. She has dexterous fingers and a skilled Repairer. Her favorite foods are sweet things. When Kizna was a little girl she had a bad accident that caused her to have her ears replaced with artificial cat's ears that rest atop her red hair which she will hide under a hat. This works fairly well until Zero accidentally knocks her hat off and she says she hates him. Kizna is Zero's repairer and after some time begins to bond with him on a certain level and is determined to help him be the best pilot he can be since she missed her chance to be one. Source: & Wikipedia