Also Known As:

  • Cronkine

Klancain is the son of Count Cruhteo and inherits the title of Count upon his father's death. When referred to as "Count Cruhteo," Klancain requests to be called "Klancain," claiming that he is not yet used to the change. This suggests that he is not as prideful as his peers among the Orbital Knights. Klancain was sent by Vers to investigate the situation around Earth, and to bring Princess Asseylum back to Mars. He successfully completes his mission. On their way back to Mars, Asseylum decides that she must take action, following a message from Slaine. Klancain takes her to Count Mazuurek's Landing Castle, where Asseylum announces to the Orbital Knights that she is the new Empress of Vers, and that she is taking Klancain as her husband. In the epilogue, Klancain and Asseylum are shown together, suggesting that Asseylum went through with her declaration.