Knight is Shobu's mysterious and soft-spoken mentor. In the English "dub", his inner monologue is a source of much of the show's mature and subtle humor. Despite being Shobu's mentor, he is usually unable to assist his student in times of need due to either Shobu's stubborn attitude or Knight being unable to show up at the scene. Knight does not appear in the manga, although the manga character NAC is similar to him. On one occasion, Dr. Root had Knight take on a "Dragon Mask" persona to duel Shobu in order for him to reclaim his tournament pass. Knight character is loosely based on the manga only character NAC. Knight has a very strange personality. He is very mystic and very little is known about his past. He has a crush on his secretary and is scared to ask her to go out with him. Saiyuki has a huge crush on him. He tried to help Hakuoh when he was in the temple, but Hakuoh took it that he was jealous. Knight is gentle and kind. He is a skilled duelist. He knows a lot about dueling. In the second part of the anime, we see him in a pink shirt and without his customary goggles.