Kodama Himegami

姫神 コダマ

Wields shikigami that follow her around and call her ojou-sama. She needs element to survive, it has not fully been stated what exactly she is. But she has said to herself that she can't leave the tenbi area because the element doesn't flow as fully elsewhere. Which is why she went out to get a stone full of element so she could travel to the training grounds for the summer vacation. She stated that Takeru Ohyama is her mortal enemy after she saw the mark on his chest. Although it has yet to be confirmed if she still feels that way as she has kissed him on a few occasions leaving the cast a bit bewildered and annoyed. She can give her shikigami life and bring them into the real world so everyone can see them, giving them a human body in which they can fight with. It is hinted that she has a weakness for cute things, specifically rare and inexpensive stuff animal toys when she forgave the Finians when they tricked her because if she forgave them, she can have the rare king penguin stuffed toy. She is also deathly afraid of ghosts and other supernatural beings. Even becoming scared of a scary story that the story-teller openly admit that he made up the half rest of the story. (Source: Wikipedia)