Kogoro Hachisuka

蜂須賀 小五郎

Hajiki’s boss and sort of his stand-in father figure. Manager of Hachisuka Express, his motto is "we’ll deliver anything", and by we, he means Hajiki, on a moped, at all hours, to wherever, as long as he gets paid. Hachisuka isn’t a bad guy, but he has a weird sense of morals. Most time, his policy is don’t ask, don’t tell. Slimeball money is as green as anybody else’s and can be spent accordingly. He does nag Hajiki about going to school every now and again though, but he doesn’t push it. He argues constantly with Catherine and can’t seem to stand her, less when she’s being nice to him. He smokes too much, lectures every once in a while, and will usually be there to bring Hajiki back down to earth and out of the I’m-a-hero clouds. from wikipedia