Koharu Konjiki


Elementary school: Domyouji Elementary School School: Shitenhouji Chuu (3-8, #9) Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Foot Size: 26cm Eyesight : 0.03 in both sides Birthday (Sign) : November 9 (Scorpio) Blood type : B Hand :Right Special Technique : IQ Tennis, Comedy Tennis Favorite Food : Prunes Hobbies :Finding joke material Family: Father, Mother, Elder Sister Father’s Occupation : University Professor Committee : Student Council (Treasurer) Favorite Subject : Math Worst Subject: None Most visited spot in the school: Toilet Spends allowance on: Going to see Manzai Motto: Pink Unrequited Love ♥ Favorite Movie: SFX movies Favorite Book: Einstein's books Favorite Music: Cute idol music/songs ♥ Favorite Color: Yellow-green, Pink Favorite type of girl: Cute girls ♥ Favorite date spot: Romantic Places ♥ Most desired item : Ex-cite-ment ★ Daily Routine: Winking Practice Dislikes : Clumsy (plain) Men Other Special Skills : Hakase to Joshu Play (Professor and Assistant Play) Koharu uses data tennis, determining how to counter shots with his two hundred IQ.