Koko Hekmatyar


The series' protagonist. A young arms dealer and the daughter of Floyd Hekmatyar, a global shipping magnate . Belongs to HCLI's European and African Logistics Division. She is physically attractive, with long silver-white hair, pale alabaster skin, striking blue eyes and her trademark smile, which is present even under dire circumstances. She is extremely charismatic and bold, which earned her great success in her business as well as the fierce loyalty of her subordinates. While generally behaving in a bubbly and slightly childish manner, Koko is actually rather ruthless and has been called a 'monster' by various characters. R reveals that she has never shown her true emotions since he met her. Before the series, she showed far more emotion, begging her subordinates to save her when Hex attacked her. However, after Echo's death, she took his final words to heart and keeps smiling no matter the situation. Koko has shown deep attachment to her team in general, going so far as to use Jormungand to save them. She considers Jonah a little brother and is very affectionate towards him. Valmet has a crush on Koko, but whether Koko reciprocates the feelings is unknown. She has a soft spot for R and Echo. She hates her father, Floyd Hekmatyar, as he was the one who pushed his children in arms dealing.