Konayuki Hotogi

星伽 粉雪

She is Shirayuki's younger sister, the second oldest among the six and a person from Hotogi Shrine. She is 2 years younger than Shirayuki and practices the divination of Hotogi Miko. She is different from other Hotogis as she is the only step-sister. Konayuki sticks to her Onee-sama (Shirayuki) a lot. She first appeared in the light novel, volume 5 chapter 3, in front of Kinji's apartment waiting for Shirayuki. In Miko garments, on her back was a bundle with the pentagram symbol of her house on it. Her hand was holding a red, oilskin parasol, and she had black hair, going down to her shoulders. She looks quite similar to Shirayuki and is also quite beautiful. (Source: Hidan no Aria Wiki)