Konoe Tsuruma

鶴眞 心乃枝

A young girl who attends the same school as Shougo and also the first friend he makes on his first day of his new life. Very curious and believing in destined meetings, she is in the same class as Shougo as well as the class representative. She loves creme puffs. Her father is a leading engineering designer of electronic devices, who designed one of the special cellphones that she used to deceive Shougo. She revealed later that she was Shougo's childhood friend and feels responsible for the accident that landed him in hospital. She tells Shougo, "When we were kids, I wanted to be your sister. I figured we could be together forever that way." In the last two novels, it is revealed that Konoe is actually Shougo's sister. The two of them, however, are not related by blood; Shougo is the product of artificial insemination from a third party with Kanako due to Kumagorou's difficulty to have a child (but not infertile), while Konoe is Kumagorou's biological daughter from another woman (which makes her the 'illegitimate' child).