Also Known As:

  • Kurobe Tamiko
  • Damuko
  • Corey

Kororo (Corey in the english anime) is the spirit ally of Usui Horokeu, nicknamed Horohoro. Kororo is a Koropokkoru (which means "little people under butterbur leaves" in Ainu, and is surprisingly cute. (Known as Minutians in the English anime), and Horohoro's spirit ally. She has a crush on Manta Oyamada, even though he is human. Her name in the English anime version sounds similar to "K�ri" (氷), which is the Japanese word for ice and also the element that Horohoro's attacks are based on. (Source: Wikipedia) Her true from was a young girl named Damuko. She was Horohoro's childhood friend who transferred from city.