Kota Furuya

降矢 虎太

Kota is the first brother of the "Triplet Demons", and possesses great reflexes and athleticism which allow him to be naturally good at any sport, such as tennis, which is what the three brothers were practicing at the beginning of the anime. His heart longs to play soccer and though he doesn't speak much, when it comes to soccer he gets fired up and annoyed easily. He and his brothers want to be the best and he feels that in order for that to happen that they need an amazing coach. It is hinted that he is the one that initiated the breakaway from Momoyama Predators because the original coach was terrible. Kota has a vicious kick and typically plays center forward. His favorite color is yellow. He seems to be developing a soft spot for Reika as she struggles to develop her soccer skills. (Source: Wikipedia)