Kotarou Higuchi


Birthday: March 26th Horoscope: Aries Blood Type: O Height: 146.1 cm Weight: 36 kg Kotarou is a calm and reserved sixth grader, studying hard to get into a good school. Once the ever-hyper Misha moves into the apartment next door to his, his life is never the same. Although while she's constantly sticking herself to him, she also makes him a happier person through her love and kindness. In the manga, it is revealed he has romantic feelings for Misha, and he even confesses to her. He is also 1/8th Demon due to Shia being his great-grandmother. Kotarou can also see spirits, angels and demons of all kinds. He is also the reincarnation of his great-uncle of the same name. The earlier Kotarou also fell deeply in love with Misha, but then ended his life tragically after realising that he couldn't be with her.