Kotoha Isone

五十音 ことは

A sixteen year old high school student who was once a human before she was possessed by a youkai at a very young age. Because of that event she became a Hanyou, half youkai and half human. She is a Language-user (Kotodama tsukai) who can summon things when she emphasizes words. She can conjure up weapons or objects by saying one word, however there are certain objects where she needs to use a lengthy spell in order to conjure it up. She is also a gun nut which is shown in the chapter one of the manga. She once went on a vacation to Germany just to visit the Koblenz Museum of Military Technology, because of the tanks and weapons which were on display there. She is also known to be a great singer by her friends. In the manga, it is mentioned that she is only interested in girls, which is noticeable in chapter ten, when all the other characters except Gin attend the party. Even though she wears glasses, she has said they are just for decoration. When she's mad, she tends to go a bit overboard in her fights. One example of this is when Hime made Kotoha become her training partner and during the training, accidentally destroys her plane ticket to Germany. At this, Kotoha conjures up an Acht, a German army's FLAK 36.88 mm cannon, and fires at Hime. After her friends stop her from using the Acht, she noticed the damage she did and apologized for what she did. It is also of note that if she overuses her power, she can lose her voice for awhile. (Source: Wikipedia)