Kouichirou Iketani

池谷 浩一郎

Also Known As:

  • Cole

Iketani is the leader of the Speedstars and drives an S13 Silvia. He has great pride in his racing team and cares for everyone, including some oppenents. He doesn't know how to drift, but he is working on the back-brake-skid. His driving skills are fairly weak and is scared when the car begins to skid. However, he is getting over his scare and is willing to try almost anything to improve his skills. Iketani is often called "senpai" by Itsuki and Takumi (because he is older than them and watches out for them most of the time). He also works at the Esso (GS in the anime) gas station with Takumi and Itsuki and loves to talk about cars non-stop. Iketani is one of those guys that are somewhat dense about women (his relationship with Mako) and often jumps to conclusions too early. However, he learns from his mistakes quickly and even under the heaviest pressures, tries to remain calm and collective.