Kousonsan Hakukei

公孫賛 伯珪/白蓮 (ぱいれん)

Also Known As:

  • Pai Ren

Anime version A small feudal lord who wishes to protect her people from a recent rise of banditry. A noble person who loves her white horses. In Shin Koihime Mus� it is revealed that she is a childhood friend of Ryūbi Gentoku (the real one), and that she manage to gained possession of the latter's stolen sword before pawning it off to Ensh� in exchange for food and support for her people much to her regret (she eventually recognized the sword's scabbard from their time as children). She accompany Ryūbi to try to get the sword back from Ensh� but despite finding out Ensh� no longer has the sword, Ensh� decides to cancel K�sonsan debt to her as compensation. Visual novel version A feudal lord who initially serves under the En faction before allying herself with the Shu faction. She has a greater role in Shin Koihime Mus�. (Source: Wikipedia)