Kousuke Kira

吉良 康介

Name: Kousuke Kira Age: 14 Blood Type: AB Works: None Home: Tokyo Bim Type: Implosion type Kousuke, 14 years old, was a victim of domestic and sexual violence by his father. He ran away from home multiple times and resorted to pickpocketing on the streets. He escalated to robbing people and began doing much worse things, including murdering, and afterward raping three women. Kousuke was also a heavy Btooom! online gamer, being nearly as good as Sakamoto. Like Sakamoto, Kousuke was also an addict, playing 80 hours non-stop. His gaming addiction would often lead to his father abusing him. His lack of empathy, as well as his delinquent childhood, may be because of living under his abusive father, whom he is cowed by.