Kouyou Kasugai

春日井 甲洋

Kouyou is a very gentle soul, taking in stray puppies and pining away after the sweet, bed-ridden beauty Shouko. He has had an unfortunate life—his adopted parents seem to care very little about him and actually rejoice when they hear he has been selected to pilot a Fafner. Although he dislikes fighting, after a certain, tragic event occurs, he is filled with a bitter determination to show Kazuki and Soushi (whom he believes have failed him) what it means to truly protect someone. Kouyou is the pilot of Mark IV. He is the third pilot selected and, with time, appears to have the potential to be a very good pilot. He cares very deeply for Shouko (whom he realizes has eyes only for Kazuki) and has a puppy named Shokora. (Source: AnimeNfo)