Also Known As:

  • Shimakaze Class Destroyer
  • Zekamashi

Shimakaze has long blonde hair and a flat chest. She is typically seen wearing an outfit with a sailor collar & striped thighhighs. She is often accompanied by Rensouhou-chan, familiar-like turrets which originated from Shimakaze's three twin 12.7 cm/50 naval gun turrets. "I'm Destroyer Shimakaze. I won't lose to anyone in speed. Swiftly like the island breeze. " - Shimakaze "I am Shimakaze, the Shimakaze-class ship that was developed as the pinnacle of destroyers, fast and armed with heavy torpedos. After all, I can go faster than 40 knots; however, we were not suited for mass production so I was the only one built." - Shimakaze (Source: Kancolle Wikia)