Kunihiko Kimishima

君島 邦彦

Age: 17 Kimishima is Kazuma's friend and supporter. Kimishima is a business man, often using his connections to get valuable information. He met Kazuma by those connections. Although he has no alter powers, he is often willing to put himself in dangerous situations, such as defending the Lost Ground from a HOLY crackdown. A running joke of the series is that every vehicle he gets his hands on is either unintentionally destroyed by Kazuma's actions or destroyed by another Alter User. He has a crush on Ayase Terada. In the anime, he is severely injured and later dies from wounds inflicted during a conflict with HOLY, namely Darth, something which drives Kazuma virtually insane with anger and grief. In the manga, he's alive and well, now married to Ayase Terada. He first appears in Episode 1. (Source: Wikipedia)