Kunio Ishigami

石神 邦生

Main Name: Ishigami Kunio Official Name: 石神 邦生 Date of Birth: 10.10.???? Gender: Male Bloodtype: O Height (in cm): 186cm Weight (in kg): 70kg Age range: middle aged Chief of the JUDA Corporation and also and ex-high ranking officer of the Katou Organization, he left them when he found the idea of bloodshed promoted by Hisataka Katou revolting. A joyful and sometimes childish man, he is infamous for his devilish pranks, mistakes, and his apparent lecherousness, though he proved himself a great leader as well. While in the manga his role is not expanded much over his duty as director of JUDA, in the anime he is later killed by Reiji Moritsugu, only for his mind to assume digital form and become the mainframe of the massive Machina-like ship Flag. Ishigami's legacy however, especially his fondness for pranks of a lewd nature, survived him, much to the dismay of his subordinates. (source: wikipedia.org and anidb.net)