Kuriko Matsudaira

松平 栗子

Birthday: 4 Sep / Virgo Age: 17 Height: 161 cm Weight: 48 kg Daughter of paranoid father Matsudaira Katakuriko æ�¾å¹³ ç‰‡æ —è™Ž. Developed a crush on Mayora 13, aka Hijikata Toushirou 土方 å��四郎 in Episode 35 when her father, Kondou, Hijikata and Okita were spying on her and her first date. Subsequently, the 2nd time father spied on her while she was working at a konbini Asked Hijikata out for a date on her own, and during the "date," which Hijikata planned to make her ditch him, she was never once put off by having to watch porn-movie, eat the Hijikata-Special (in fact she liked it, leading to Hijikata blushing happily momentarily) or see Hijikata behaving like a coward in front of "hooligans" (played by the Yorozuya trio). The hooligan incident is an exact replay, including spoken lines, of Episode 101 when Hijikata was confronted by a group of Jouishishi rebels after being newly possessed by the spirit of the cursed sword, and had to be rescued by Itou Kamotarou 伊æ�± 鴨太郎.