Kuro Kagami

鏡 黒

Age: 10 Zodiac Sign: Cancer Height: 139 cm Weight: 31 kg Sizes: 70 - 60 - 73 Kuro is one of Rin's friends, and is secretly in love with her, although the only one who appears to be aware of her unrequited love is Mimi. She therefore sees Aoki as her love rival. Kuro is notable for her foul mouthed behaviour as well as physical aggression towards others. It is also implied that her family is fairly affluent compared to other students. Possibly as a result of this, Kuro is obsessed with following the latest and expensive fashion trends and likes to show off her expensive clothing to others, which is usually in the Gothic Lolita style, sometimes combined with neko ears and tail. Many see her as a show off and a bad apple but she has managed to befriend both Rin and Mimi.