Age: mid-teens Blood type: A Height: 160 cm (5'2") BWH: 80-51-81 Faction: Jaegers (Defected), Group of Terror (Former) Weapon: sword Teigu: March of the Dead: Yatsufusa Hobbies: eating candies, playing with corpses Family: Akame (Elder sister) Famous quote: I can’t forgive you … but i love you … those two opposing thoughts keep going ‘round and ‘round inside my head. Kurome is the youngest member of the Jaegers, and the younger sister of Akame. Like her sister, she has a big appetite and is often seen eating, usually candy. She stubbornly refuses to share her candy with even her comrades. Kurome wields an offensive Teigu like her sister, in the form of a sword named "March of the Dead: Yatsufusa", which allows her to enslave up to 8 enemies killed with the Teigu. However, the more puppets she stores, the weaker her powers are. Also like her sister, she is extremely skilled in the art of the sword and assassination. Her name means "Black Eye." Kurome seems to hate her sister for betraying the Empire, or more specifically, betraying her, yet claims that she still loves her, calling her "beloved older sister". Although she shares some traits with her sister, such as her social awkwardness and her gluttonous desire to eat candy, in place of the meat that Akame is shown to eat. She is much more aloof and seems to show darker sides of her when it comes to killing her enemies. She is cold and ruthless in battle, usually ending the lives of her enemies as one would expect from a seasoned assassin. She’s easily the second strongest Jaegar after General Esdeath, capable on taking on the entire Night Raid with her Yatsufusa and almost winning. She’s also the only person that can clash swords with Akame and come out unscathed with no allies or supernatural assistance. It’s later revealed the “cookies” Kurome always consumes is actually a new type of drug developed by the Empire to forcibly enhance their soldiers and she’s become addicted to them. Due to this, Kurome can't leave the Empire, as they would stop supplying the drugs to her. While she was already going to kill Chelsea in self-defense, the realization that Chelsea killed Bols makes Kurome visibly enraged, leading to Chelsea's Family-Unfriendly Death. She's initially introduced as the ruthless psychopathic assassin who's main goal in life was being her older sister's sole murderer. Eventually through her interactions within the Jaegars and Wave's kindness she begins to show a kinder and sweeter side behind closed doors. This change is lampshaded by Run, when she encounters Akame for the third time, announcing her intent to take her down for the sake of the people, and not her deep-seated grudge towards her. This is unfortunately averted, as when Run is slowly dying from his wounds obtained in their battle against Wild Hunt, she unexpectedly decides that instead of letting Run die peacefully, she instead mercily kills him and forces him to continue living as one of her corpse puppets. Not only that, she intends to add her sister to this collection. She also seems to play with the corpses of those she has killed, as well as keeping powerful ones to use in her permanent collection which is limited to 8. As cute as she appears, one must not forget that she's one of the most sociopathic and psychopathic members of the Jaegers. After surviving an assassination attempt by Chelsea, Kurome has been visibly more tired and weaker in combat. A notable example is when she fought the entire Night Raid she was able to summon and control eight corpse puppets and still have the strength to fend off Akame simultaneously while largely keeping the pace of the battle. After the failed assassination she can barely summon two puppets, and is suffering from a potentially Incurable Cough of Death; thus losing a subsequent battle of speed against Akame, resulting in the death of Bolic. (Source: Akame ga Kill! Wikia)