Kuroudo Akabane

赤屍 蔵人

Also Known As:

  • Dr. Jackal

Age: ?? Sex: Male Birthday: November 23rd Bloodtype: AB Height: 186 cm Weight: 86 kg Weapon: Scalpels Akabane "Dr. Jackal" Kuroudo works as a "Transporter", a person is paid to escort things to a certain location. With his attire (black hat and coat, complete with shirt and black tie) and polite manners, he could be mistaken for a harmless person. But for those who even remotely heard of his name, they know that the Jackal is possibly the most evil transporter to ply his trade ever. Entertainment is his main goal, not money; he is mainly a hedonist and the jobs he takes are chosen exclusively his own for amusement. He likes to decapitate his enemies while engaging them in battle, a practice that many of the other characters see as going too far. Indeed, the other characters (notably Midou Ban and Amano Ginji) do not like him because of his other habit of cutting up anything which stands between him and his goal, whether man or beast. (In his own words, he is a "consummate professional.")