Kusuha Mizuha


Kusuha Mizuha is a fictional character in the Super Robot Wars series. Kusuha's background story was changed in the Original Generation universe. Here, she becomes SRX Team member Ryusei Date's high school classmate and childhood friend, developing a crush on him. However, Ryusei never shows his interest in women and their relationship is far from that of a real couple. While accompanying Ryusei to the Burning PT Tournament, Kusuha was injured when the stadium was attacked by Aerogaters. Kusuha eventually drafts into the Earth Federation Army, as the medical crew of the Hagane, in order to help Ryusei, after he was recuited into the SRX Team. Through Ingram Prisken, Kusuha becomes the pilot of the Grungust Type-2, due to her newly discovered Psychodriver background. She doesn't meet Bullet until the end of the Divine Crusaders War, when she and the SRX Team particpated in live-fire exercise against the ATX Team. When Ingram betrays the team, he would manipulate Kusuha into siding with the Aerogaters, but be rescued by Bullet. With Operation SRW over, Kusuha transfers to the ATX Team. In Super Robot Wars Original Generation: The Animation, Kusuha would be sent as the ATX Team's representative at the unveiling of the Bartolls. She would be captured by the machines, along with Lamia Loveless, Latooni Subota, Arado Balanga and Seolla Schweizer and held inside the Hellgate Facility, until the ATX Team and SRX Team successfully rescues them.