Kuugo Ginjou


Race: Human/Fullbringer Birthday: November 15 Zodiac: Scorpio Height: 187 cm Weight: 90 kg Blood type: AB Role: Leader of Xcution, First Shinigami Substitute (formerly) Theme Song: "Last Man Standing" by Bon Jovi Kuugo Ginjou is the leader of the mysterious organization, Xcution. Kuugo is a calm and cool-headed individual. He is quite manipulative, shown when he attempted to hire Ikumi Unagiya to do a background check on Isshin Kurosaki, intentionally doing so in front of Ichigo in order to get his attention. According to a member of his group, he is a charming individual that apparently talked them into following him. He claims that he carries ramen around with him because he likes it. When not under the influence of Tsukishima's Fullbring, Kuugo is shown to be very malicious and sadistic, delighting at Ichigo's emotional and physical pain. He also becomes very arrogant, bragging about his accomplishments and underestimating his opponents. Some time after he becomes the first substitute soul reaper, Ginjou disappears after a series of disagreements concerning the soul society's policies, particularly concerning himself and the way the soul society treats anyone with special powers who isn't a soul reaper. He creates Xcution as a safe haven for power users, in order to keep them away from the scrutinizing gaze of the soul society. It is never revealed how Ginjou lost his soul reaper powers or how he even acquired them in the first place.