Kuze is the student council president at Yuuichi Aizawa's school. He tends to be very full of himself and enjoys talking down to people such as Mai Kawasumi due to his standing in the school. He once warn Mai not to do anything to wreck the dance party she attended with Yuuichi and Sayuri Kurata. Kuze has shown himself to have an angry temper, as he did not hesitate to yell at Mai at the end of the dance party when most of the inside of the building had been destroyed, despite her not being the main cause of the trouble. Kuze first appears at the ballroom dance party where he warns Mai Kawasumi that if she does anything out of line that he will find some way to expel her for sure. Previously, he has blamed Mai for the windows that were broken in school during the night where Mai appears to be fighting against her invisible monsters. Unfortunately for Mai, one of the demons attack the dance party early on, and Kuze immediately tries to get her expelled for what transpired, despite her not being the main cause of the damage. After Jun Kitagawa gets Mai off the hook, Kuze does not easily want to back down, and tries to threaten Sayuri Kurata, telling her that the next time Mai causes trouble, Sayuri will not go unpunished for covering for Mai. Before he can finish, however, Mai tells him that she will never forgive him if he harms Sayuri in anyway. Kuze gets intimidated by Mai, and leaves. Source: Wikipedia