Kyouji Kagami

鏡 形而 / 加賀美 京司

Also Known As:

  • The Observer
  • Lord of the Looking Glass

Sex : Male Age : 21 Birthday : 13th October Bloodtype : ?? Height : 180 cm Weight : 78 kg A calm and seemingly careless man from the highest levels of Mugenjou (Infinite Fortress), a place called Babylon City. A master of mirrors whose fighting style revolves around illusions and doubles by using diffuse reflections, he is extremely powerful and has joined forces with MAKUBEX for unknown reasons. He is sent by MAKUBEX to attack Himiko Kudo and to stall Ginji Amano and Kurudo Akabane from reaching the main chambers of Mugenjou. While his motivations are mysterious, we can be sure that the Getbackers will run into him again.