Kyouko Sasagawa

笹川 京子

Name: Kyoko Sasagawa Age: 13 / 23 (Future self) (The databook said she is 13, please stop changing it) Gender: Female Date of birth: March 4 Blood Type: O Nationality: Japanese Height: 156 cm Weight: 45.5 kg School: Namimori Junior High Flame: Possibly Sun (by her brother) but Mist (in games) Kyoko is the girl that Tsuna admires. She is somewhat air headed, not questioning the idea of an infant being in the Mafia, and like Yamamoto, probably thinks it is all just a game. She is also the second person to take the Dying Will Shot in the series(chapter 6 and 25); her form is more quiet and polite, yet she will still break things to prove her point. She first sees Tsuna in action after being sent nine years and ten months into the future right when her future self was being attacked by Millefiore members. Her future self was attending a seminar camp before being replaced with her younger self. Though she is not informed of the Mafia, she seems to notice what really is going on.