Kyosuke Nanbu


Also Known As:

  • Beowulf

Origin: Super Robot Taisen Compact 2 (Impact) Age: 22 ATX-team leader, code name Assault 1, ranking 2nd Lt. (少尉). Pilot of PTX-003C Alteisen (アルトアイゼン) Kyosuke is of hotblooded nature, a fierce close combatant, but stays quiet most of the time outside the battlefield, also making him an excellent tactician, whos foresight of enemy behavior never seems to fail. Famous for his unbelievable good luck to survive terrible accidents and dangerous combats likely unharmed, he also loves to gamble, always betting on the worst odds' side. He and Excellen form up a great combination in their PTs, also being a couple in private. Though Kyosuke constantly seems to ignore his girlfriend and her lovey-dovey sweet talk in public, he holds her dear more than anything else, so whoever might dare to harm her will be doomed to have summoned her darling's true rage. He still holds his former commander Zanger in high regards, despite his betrayal, as he respects his reasoning and both share a similar personality, mostly stoic but "do-or-die"-mentality in battle. With Zanger gone, Kyosuke becomes also a mentor to Bullet, whos impetuous behaving has to be tamed at times. Later on Kyousuke is promoted to the rank of 1st Lt. as he keeps the position of ATX-team's leader after Zengar's decision to not return to his former unit. As Alteisen suffers severe damage in the meantime, Kyousuke can be seen piloting its finally upgraded version PTX-003C-SP1 Alteisen Riese in "SRWOG: The Animation." Theme: Steel Beowulf (鋼鉄�孤狼)