Kyouhei Sera


Also Known As:

  • Seri

Position: FW Age: 22 years old Height: 166cm Weight: 60kg Blood type: O Jersey: #20 Kyohei Sera is a forward at ETU with jersey #20. He made it into the starting line-up when Takeshi Tatsumi became coach. Sera believes that the job of a forward is to score goals and his dream is to do a backflip in celebration after scoring the winning goal. Following the return of Natsuki, Sera became worried about keeping his position as the first choice striker as the ETU formation at the time only required a lone striker. He became determine to prove himself by scoring a goal but in his jealousness managed to sustain an injury that kept his out of subsequent games, during which Natsuki played and scored. Observing from the the sidelines, Katsura Fujisawa wondered if recent developments were to be interpreted as a battle between the three strikers (Natsuki, Sera and Sakai) for the lone position of striker. However, shortly after, Tatsumi switched to a two striker format in the game against the Osaka Gunners. (Source: Wikipedia)