Kyouichi Houraiji


Birthplace: Tokyo Birth date: January 24 Age: 17 Bloodtype: B Kyouichi is a well-known delinquent at Magami High, Kendo Club captain (though he never attends meets) and noted "samurai for hire" who always carries around a bokutou. He often gets into fights with gangsters from other schools as well as street thugs. When he first encounters Tatsuma, they engage in a fierce fight, which turns out to have been just a way of getting to know each other. Both have an instant connection and become close friends. When he was still a child, Kyouichi's father was a bouncer for a bar in the red-light district, and was killed by a local gang. After the death of his father, Kyouichi picked up his dad's bokut� and took it upon himself to take revenge against the assailants; he has a strong yet brash sense of justice, and though a bully, he fights to clean up the streets of Kabuki-cho. However, his immature self-righteousness nearly gets him killed by older boys, but a mysterious ronin named Kyoushiro Kamui saved him. Kamui, undertaking Kyouichi as his student, taught him the way of the sword in hopes of calming Kyouichi's hardened spirit. Kamui also introduced child-Kyouichi to Dr. Iwayama of Sakuragaoka Central Hospital, which specializes in supernatural cases, as well as gives him a home at the drag club DIVA. When Kamui suddenly disappears, it's no wonder Kyouichi felt as if he'd lost another father. A rather laid-back badboy, Kyouichi's favorite place is a local ramen shop. He may seem to be mean to others, but in the end, he always has their backs and tries to protect them. This is mostly seen towards Aoi, who he is always cruelly blunt towards, but he may care for her more than he admits. Kyouichi is a descendant of Kyougo Houraiji from the game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. (Source: Wikipedia, Japan Wikipedia, and original video game data)