Also Known As:

  • Kenny
  • Chief

He is the brains of the Bladebreakers team, the heroes of the series. He is a "self-described nerd", seeing as he'd gladly take the job of a janitor just to be around high-class instruments and computers. He is also known as the "Chief". Later in the series his real name is revealed (Japanese version) and his mother is the one to say it. His real name is Manabu Saien (�媛マナブ Saien Manabu); all his friends call him Professor. Only a few people in the anime have called him by his real name such as his parents or DJ Blader in a few episodes. Kenny also had a crush on Ming-Ming in G-Revolution. Kenny takes care of beyblade upgrades and repairs for the team. He usually doesn't take part in Beybattles for the team, but has a beyblade that hops when he does. In the first season, he battles Kai with a different beyblade. His beyblade in V-Force is "Einstein" and in G-Revolution, he uses "Hopper". In the English dub of the first two seasons of the anime, Kenny's laptop has a female bit-beast inside, called Dizzi who was added to the show in placement of Kenny's normal laptop screen. Because Kenny did not use his laptop much in the 3rd season, the addition of Dizzi to the show was impossible to keep up and she was taken out. As part of avoiding confusion because of the removal of Dizzi, Hopper's bit (which showed a frog wearing Kenny's glasses) was blanked or the scene was cut whenever the anime focused on the blade itself. (Source: Wikipedia)