Kyouko Ikumi

井汲 京子

A polite, refined girl who has attended Fujigaya since elementary school. Many people come to her for advice as she has an air of maturity that they others do not possess; despite this, she has a fairly immature side to her that only those who are very close to her are allowed to see. She is the first friend Akira makes in the Academy. She is seen as a great beauty (described as "sexy" by Akira) and has the attention of girls even from the middle school. Kyouko however seems very disinterested in other people save for her friends and for her love interest, who Akira correctly guesses is another female. It is revealed that the person who Kyouko is in love with is Yasuko, with whom she shares a history. However, not only are Kyouko's feelings spurned, but she is also unenthusiastically engaged to her cousin Kou who she treats coldly as she says they are connected by "name only". Later on, it seems she warms up to him and begins accepting his company rather than consistently pushing him away. Throughout the series, Kyouko does not give up on her feelings for Yasuko, always hoping that they will someday be returned despite Yasuko's numerous warnings that her attempts are futile. Kyouko accepts Fumi as an acquaintance even though she "lost" Yasuko to Fumi. However, being close to Akira and knowing how important Fumi is to her closest friend at school, Kyouko gracefully begins a slow, awkward though emotionally supportive friendship with Fumi as they have mutual interests. Kyouko appears to have a very strained home life. She has severe and deep issues with her mother; she feels ashamed of herself for even having these problems.